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Very unique and different

Visited with friends and was blown away by the amount of details that make this prison break deserve the title that it has. After getting instructions by the “guards” we spent the next hour or so completly pulling our hair on the medium stage path out with very unique clues and ways to escape. The amount of detail is amazing and its truely one of a kind prison. We had a lot of fun! There is a few good restaurants and bars in proximity and the staff of this escape room gladly directed us towards good food and drinks after completing the challenge…

Great experience

I have already visited with my friends some escape rooms, but this was different. Apart from others, this one was not only brain involved, but also some physical activity was needed. The experience and story, and diversity was on much higher level, than anything we have experienced. That was also confirmed by the smiles on my friends faces. Got out in 44 minutes, suppose that was quite good. Recomend it if you are visiting Ljubljana. Huge parking in front, walking distance from city centre.